Melissa Ho is a Prop Maker, Set Designer and a full-time Foodie. She comes from Singapore, the little red dot on the world map. She was a Theatre graduate who used to enjoy performing before she encountered the dark side of theatre in 2010.

She recently graduated from Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). Prior to her time at VCA, she worked with various Singaporean companies such as Dream Academy, iTheatre and W!LDRICE in the roles of Assistant Stage Manager, Props Mistress and Set Designer. Her works include Dream Academy’s ‘Crazy Christmas 2013’ and ‘The Henderson Project – The Last Five Years & Happy Robin’ and ‘Chingay Parade Singapore 2014’.

During her time at VCA, she worked as a Props Maker on ‘A Little Touch of Chaos’, a Production Designer on one of the short works in ‘Mongrel 2015’, and completed two internships with JustImagine Productions and Polyglot Theatre.

When Melissa is not making or designing, she can be seen searching for the best hot chocolate in Melbourne.

Click here for my resume! 🙂

DISCLAIMER: Photos on this site are from the internet or her camera, unless stated otherwise. 


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